The ConQuest estimating system is used by thousands of estimators and surveyors
working for main contractors all over the UK, Republic of Ireland and beyond.

ConQuest Enquiries is a free, on line service which is designed to make it easier for
subcontractors and suppliers to view and download contract documentation quickly.

Rather than sending you all the documents for a project, the main contractor
is able to very quickly produce trade packages containing only the drawings,
BoQ abstracts, specifications, and other relevant documents relevant to your trade
with general information about the project.

As so many main contractors prepare their estimates on ConQuest it is likely
that you will receive enquiries on the system from several main contractors.
This does not mean that the content of each enquiry will be the same, as it
depends on how each estimator has prepared their documentation.

If you have any difficulties accessing any documents sent to you or would like
to suggest any improvements to the service, please Click here.

For more information about the conquest estimating system go to